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Tripp Lite Smart LCD 1300VA

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Tripp Lite Smart LCD 1300VA Tower UPS – SMART1300 Product Details

UPS 8 Outlets
720 Watts 1300va
Surge suppressor RJ45 Port

Tripp Lite Smart LCD 1300VA Tower UPS with AVR
Keep PCs, workstations and home entertainment systems working during power blackout with the Tripp Lite Smart LCD 1300VA Tower UPS with AVR. It can keep a PC operational for up to 64 minutes during power failure allowing you enough time to work and save the important tasks. The Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) corrects brownouts back to safe 120V power without draining the UPS battery while the Surge suppression and EMI/RFI line noise filtering prevent hardware damage and enhances the audio-video performance of your device. Its 8 outlets combined with 1300VA/720W power support allows you to add multiple devices to a single UPS. The large illuminated LCD screen shows incoming power conditions and UPS operations in real time. A set of Ethernet port protects the standard phone or DSL connection while the COAX jack ensures protection of the CATV / broadcast line. You can also download a free PowerAlert Software from and integrate the windows and MAC device with HID-compliant USB port. This enables the unattended system to auto shutdown after saving the files. Buy the Tripp Lite Smart LCD 1300VA Tower UPS with AVR today!

What It Is And Why You Need It

  • Surge suppression; protects electronics from surges and line noise for better performance or electronic devices
  • 8 outlets; protect PCs, workstations and home entertainment systems connected simultaneously
  • Automatic voltage regulation; corrects brownouts without using battery power to provide steady voltage output
  • Interactive LCD screen; displays important information, such as line power, battery status, AVR and overload status
  • Dataline surge protection and EMI/RFI noise filtering; protects and ensures to give out a smooth signal for improved output
for home and office computers and electronics
This line-interactive UPS system protects your valuable equipment from damage, downtime and data loss.

  • Battery backup supports equipment during outages.
  • AVR corrects power sags (brownouts) and overvoltages.
  • Surge protection blocks harmful transient voltages on AC, phone, network and coaxial lines.
  • The multifunction LCD screen displays power conditions and provides easy access to settings.
  • The USB port connects to a computer for power management and automatic file saves.
  • The 3-year warranty and $250,000 insurance reflect our commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction.
SMART1300LCDT Line-Interactive Tower UPS with LCD


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